Local products

Fine Arts Studio

9071 Gönyű, Bem József utca 78.
+36 30 279 7138, +36 30 998 9680, +36 20 285 9313

The Fine Arts Studio is a family enterprise. Margit Fehér, Kornélia Fehér and Sándor Kovács artists are its members. The studio is engaged mainly in the making of enamel pictures, but it uses also many other techniques such as oil, acrylic or aquarelle painting. The pieces of art that can be found in most galleries of the country can be bought at studio prices in the Fine Arts Studio.

Pozsgai Ákos (goatmilk, goatcheese)

9071 Gönyű, Kossuth Lajos út 29.
+36 30 870 2367

We deal also with the making and marketing of goat milk and products made from goat milk deriving from our family farm. We offer you our goat cheese specialities with 30 different flavours. Our offer of goat cheese meals with various flavours is a constant delicacy at festivals and meetings. As the cheeses are freshly made to order, an arrangement by phone is necessary.

Kállai László apiarist

9071 Gönyű, Arany J. u. 10.
+36 96 600 361
+36 30 300 8322

In my small vertical apiary, I set the goal of producing the best quality honey possible. I offer acacia, linden and mixed flower honey. The latter is in the form of cream honey. I don't use heat treatment for returning the crystallized honey to liquid state, so all my products are sold to my customers as nature gave them.

Radványi Katalin apiarist

9071 Gönyű, Arany J. u. 31.
+36 70 620 4959

In our family apiary we have beehives. These are placed in Gönyű whole year long, so our honey comes from local plants. Our basic products are the acacia and mixed flower honey. Besides, on local particularities we also produce honey obtained from canola and phacelia, and prepare farina and honeycomb. We only use stuffs, which are allowed in bio apiaries. Depending on the quantity, we also undertake home delivery service.

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